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Tailored financing solutions

Reditum Capital is a Mayfair-based boutique financier, we structure innovative, tailored financing solutions designed to extract the optimum value from a multitude of asset classes – including property, metal and receivables.

When assets require enhancement, we unlock the full value of their potential. As a boutique financier and an enabler of business, our in-house decision-making operates at speed, unconstrained by borrower covenants or other formulaic financing criteria.

Since 2013, our continued success in delivering £480m of facilities has focussed us on asset potential, and so we invariably venture where others don’t, preferably on a joint venture basis, by co-investing in each transaction and by offering borrowers a range of attractive financing options, we enable our partners to operate free of the heavy burden of layered debt.

Group Inception

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Total Live Facilities

Bespoke mix of debt, mezzanine and equity

£480m financing deployed

£10m+ GDV/asset value

Joint venture funding – shared risk, shared reward

Our approach

Our primary focus is always the same: to structure opportunities that maximise the risk-adjusted returns on borrower capital employed. This approach also enables us to offer investors in those opportunities a compelling blend of high coupon returns and ‘upside’ participation through a tailored mix of debt, mezzanine and equity financing, all tailored to an investor’s particular needs.

Optimising the capital structure

At Reditum, we believe in carefully adjusting the capital structure of each of our projects, and utilise debt intelligently to capture superior investor returns, while maintaining a low cost of capital.

All of our projects undergo rigorous analysis based on their fundamental factors before any capital structure considerations are made – this ensures that each of our projects has a clear business case with which we are comfortable. Thereafter, we carefully adjust the scheme’s capital stack to optimise the project’s earnings where suitable.

Typically, we look for substantial deals (£10m+ GDV/asset value) with intrinsic complexity as this is where we believe we add the most value. Our financial structuring typically features a blend of debt, mezzanine and equity capital.

Partners not lenders

A great many lenders claim expertise in asset-backed funding. But at Reditum Capital, we can evaluate it robustly. We were borrowers, developers and investors before we became financiers, and so we have the skills, experience and dynamism to identify, and capitalise upon, an asset’s true potential.

Not only are our credentials in the asset-backed markets unmatched, as a joint venture financier, we treat each opportunity as a genuine business partnership. Our immersion almost invariably involves a sharing of risk for an appropriate share of the rewards, because the more we can help steer a transaction to greater success, the more all parties benefit.

Over the years we have built strong industry relationships – from investment bankers to skilled project managers and constructors. We’re therefore well placed to deliver that success.

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