Mezzanine Finance

Use our innovative mezzanine funding to maximise your leverage, as well as return on capital employed.

There are times when you need to fill the gap between your own investment in a development and the debt from a senior debt lender. Mezzanine loans provide that second layer of funding. Raising mezzanine finance reduces the equity you need to fund a property development. It also increases the return on capital employed for developers and investors, meaning each pound of equity is working harder for you.

Reditum Capital is a specialist mezzanine finance lender with clients across the UK, Europe and worldwide. We can provide mezzanine loans for any type of development project.

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Reditum Capital’s Mezzanine finance explained

  • You can apply for loans from £600k to £20m
  • We will lend up to 70% of GDV or 90% of costs – whichever is lower
  • We aim to issue indicative terms on the same day, providing all relevant information is given by the borrower
  • We have funds available to deploy immediately
  • We secure loans by taking a second legal charge on the development site but may require additional security depending on the project’s risks.

You’ll appreciate our transparent pricing structure for mezzanine lending. Unlike some mezzanine loans, our price directly correlates to the risk of the transaction. We take account of the project’s location, details, market and the borrower’s status.

Our Experience

We are property professionals at heart. All of the senior team have development and investment experience as principals in real estate transactions across the UK and Europe. We therefore intimately understand the challenges you face in securing real estate finance and dealing with lenders.

We’re proud to offer a different approach – one that doesn’t simply tick boxes. We understand that no two deals are the same. That’s why we review each application on its merits and use our experience to help you borrow the funds you need to meet your goals.


We understand that receiving bridging finance on time can be critical to the success of your project. That’s why we’ve made the application process for our bridging loans simple and straightforward. You’ll also find our approach to funding is transparent and flexible.



Our development finance for all asset classes, allows borrowers to maximise the profitability of development opportunities. Our team of property market experts offer maximum flexibility with financing. That includes providing development funding on a first charge basis up to 70% of GDV or 90% of costs, whichever is lowest.



Sometimes borrowers may want to invest in assets other than property such as cars, boats, aircraft, and art. That is why we have developed a specialist lending service for alternative assets. We can also provide business funding such as invoice discounting and VAT facilities. We don’t apply restrictive criteria to our lending. Instead, we judge each deal on its individual merits. Contact us to find out more.


Case Studies

Aircraft Leasing Company, Cayman Islands

Location: Cayman Islands Project Value: $6,715,800.00 Gross Loan Amount: £964,400.00 Term: 10 months Secured Against: Fixed and floating charge over…


Commercial to Residential Property Conversion

Location: Heathrow Project GDV: £9,600,000.00 Gross Loan Amount: £3,100,000.00 Term: 19 months Secured Against: First charge on a commercial property…


UK Residential Property Development in Milton Keynes

Location: Milton Keynes Project GDV: £34,900,000.00 Gross Loan Amount: £4,470,000.00 Term: 6 months Secured Against: First charge on property in Milton…


UK Residential Property Development in Liverpool

Location: Liverpool Project GDV: £22,260,000.00 Gross Loan Amount: £6,321,000.00 Term: 8 months Secured Against: First charge on property in Liverpool…


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