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Property experts, finance professionals

Reditum Capital is a specialist financier. We build tailored finance packages for assets of all kinds – from major property developments to alternatives to receivables. Since our inception in 2013, we have arranged over £430 million in funding for real estate and asset-backed transactions across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

At Reditum, almost all of our senior team were developers and borrowers before becoming financiers. We therefore intimately understand the challenges borrowers face in securing the right form of financing for a particular transaction.

We also know all too well the challenges and frustrations of working with ‘tick-box’ lenders who are unable to see a project’s true potential; that’s why we work differently. Instead of judging a deal based on a pre-ordained list of criteria, we review each application on its merits and use our experience to help you secure the funds you need to meet your goals.

We specialise in complex funding scenarios and providing a fast turnaround. Because no two deals are ever the same, we focus on the potential value of the asset rather than on borrower covenants. This approach enables us to help borrowers overcome financial hurdles and realise opportunities.

Our business is based in the heart of the Mayfair property and financial services district. Find out more about our team below, and get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Board of Directors

Mark Stephen
Founder & Managing Director
Richard Gore
Chief Financial Officer & Executive Director

The Lending Team

Simon Morris
Head of Origination
Tim Mycock
Investments Director
Martin Drummond
Investments Director
David Le Saint
Investments Director
Jevgeni Ragalevits
Investment Analyst Director
Nicholas Goss
Investment Analyst Director
Anthony Casanova
Investment Analyst Director
Jak Serr
Senior Investment Analyst
Adam Stratford
Head of Planning
Sam Buckley
Land Manager
Russell Taylor
Business Development
Ben White
Business Development
Alice Turner
Investment Team Assistant

Marketing and Investor Relations

Holly Harvey
Head of Marketing and Communications
Clem Chatterton
Business Assistant to Mark Stephen

Discover some of our live and completed projects

Completed – Aircraft Leasing Company
Live – Converting detached offices to luxury apartments
Milton Keynes
Completed – Developing a recycling facility plant
North-east England
Completed – Residential property development

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